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2017 West & Great Plains Presentations
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Presentation Slides

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New ADA Regulations

Under ADA, employers must make reasonable accommodations that enable employees with disabilities to enjoy equal benefits of
employment.  Learn what new guidelines may be in the works and how to plan for important adjustments to your facilities.

  « Mike Harvey, Director of Support Services, Iowa Department of Transportation
      ** Presentation includes attachments following page 41

Montana Facility Condition Inventory & Assessment Update (High-Performance Bldg. Program for O&M & Senate Bill 43 FCI/FCA Requirements)

Rather than having FY-ending funds expire, agencies are able to transfer FY-ending money to this program for deferred maintenance and energy savings projects through some unique legislation.  An interactive discussion will be part of the deferred maintenance dilemma to be reported in a newly established FCI/FCA mandate.

  « Russ Katherman, Administrator, Montana Architecture & Engineering Division


Integrated Design Process, What Does It Really Look Like?
Everybody thinks they do it, but what and how should it really be done? This interactive presentation will focus on the opportunities, challenges, and reality of utilizing an Integrated Design Process (IDP) through a recent case study at Montana State University.

  « Randy Stephens, Montana State University

  « Dusty Eaton, Principal of A&E Architects


The Importance of Acoustical Design Considerations

Rather than conducting noise assessments and mitigation after occupancy, why not bring acoustical considerations into the conversation early in the design process?  This session will discuss the impact you can have by addressing sound issues as part of an integrated design process for a more successful facility.

  « Sean Connolly, Big Sky Acoustics, LLC


Seismic Retrofits for Existing Buildings

Aging existing buildings on campuses can be some of the more challenging buildings to maintain, but they can also pose a life-safety hazard for occupants in seismic zones D and above.  Facility Conditions Inspections often cannot capture these deficiencies, and a more in-depth structural assessment may be needed to identify the life safety issues within your buildings.  We’ll review the different building types that are typically a seismic hazard, the structural assessment process involved, and what they provide to you as the building owner, and some examples of options for seismic retrofit for a variety of these building types. Harry Jones will then speak on his experience at Stanford University for the past 20 years and the seismic guidelines he has developed on their Seismic Advisory Committee for their campus.

  « Jami Lorenz, DCI + BCE Structural

  « Harry Jones, DCI Engineers


Solar PV: Opportunities and Challenges

Montana’s solar resource is very good despite the short days of winter, making solar photovoltaics (PV) an attractive energy option as installation costs drop.  This session will provide an overview of projects that have been built to-date on Montana’s state facilities, new opportunities that are being investigated, and a discussion of some of the regulatory, technical, and financial challenges of PV that facilities administrators must wrestle with.

  « Ben Brouwer, Montana Department of Environmental Quality

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