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Preliminary Program
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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Morning – Time to be determined
Optional Golf Outing
More information will be posted online and announced electronically.

Exhibitor Set-up


Deferred Maintenance Roundtable - Separate Registration Required
More information will be posted online and announced electronically.

First time Attendee and New Member Orientation
More information will be posted online and announced electronically.

President's Reception in Expo
The President's Reception event kicks off the opening of the Resource Expo in the exhibit hall. Attendees and registered guests can visit the exhibits and enjoy hors d'oeuvres and beverages.

Group Dinner (Optional)
First-time attendee? Traveling alone? Want to meet old and new friends? Meet at the conference registration desk and join a group for dinner. Camaraderie is free - dinner expenses are on your own.

Networking Suite
All attendees and guests are welcome to network in the suite.

Monday, June 4, 2018


Exhibits Open

Breakfast in Expo

Welcome & Parade of States, Sponsors & Exhibitors

Parade of States – What are other states working on? What are their current projects and future projects? This Parade gives each state representative 2 minutes to share his/her priorities and to learn how their counterparts are addressing challenges and opportunities.  It also sets the groundwork for conversations with colleagues for the duration of the conference.

Parade of Sponsors – This parade provides our conference sponsors with the opportunity to introduce their products and services in two minutes. Contributions from our sponsors enable NASFA to provide the quality programming on state facilities issues that the public and private sector need as well as the events that bring you together as colleagues. Please attend this session and support our sponsors, who support us.

Parade of Exhibitors - Finding time to absorb and digest information on the latest technology, products, and services challenges all facilities professionals. This year’s Parade of Exhibitors will help you meet this need. This Parade will consist of exhibitors demonstrating their products and services in two minutes.

The tight time frame for the Parades forces presenters to distill the very essence of their message and to communicate accurately and quickly to conference attendees. As you can imagine, this produces a very lively event. You won’t want to miss this event!

Expo & Luncheon

Concurrent Sessions

Presentation by NASPO
A presentation by the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO).  More information details coming soon.
Presenters, To Be Announced

High-Performance Buildings, Bridging the Gap Between Construction & Operations
The State of Utah created a High-Performance Building Standard, which was implemented in 2015.  We have evaluated this standard’s effectiveness by bench-marking actual costs (construction, energy performance, and maintenance) of buildings completed under this standard to existing State buildings.  We would like to present these results and discuss current State efforts to use similar bench-marking to design and evaluate a High-Performance Operation and Maintenance Standard.
Sarah Boll, High Performance Building Program Director, Facility and Construction Management, Utah Department of Administrative Services
Chris Cox, Engineer, Utility Services Business Unit, Nexant


Concurrent Session

Alabama State Capitol - The Challenges of Managing Building Performance within State Historic Buildings
The Alabama State Capitol suffers from high humidity problems and unreliable controls, resulting in deterioration and poor air quality. The state of Alabama used a comprehensive and detailed-oriented strategy to investigate these issues, rather than investigating off of a preformed hypothesis, which allowed for the proper diagnosis of the root problem, which was lack of airflow, not dehumidification as expected.   This presentation will show the different thought process required for commissioning old, historic buildings.
• Katherine Lynn, Assistant Finance Director, Real Property Management, Alabama Department of Finance
• David Morrow, Director, Division of Facilities Management, Alabama Department of Finance
• Brenda Phillips, President and Chief Operating Officer, Sain Engineering Associates, Inc.
• Todd Billings, Director, Business Development, Sain Engineering Associates, Inc.

First World Building Problems – How the Internet and Data are Generating Improvements for Kentucky
The Commonwealth Energy Management and Control System (CEMCS) is a unique energy management and building operations database. CEMCS earned awards for the initial pilot project and continues to do so as it expands across Kentucky.  What started as a 2M sq. ft. pilot project in 2012 has grown into a 20M sq. ft. portfolio and is currently showing utility cost savings of over $4.5M per year with a $29M annual utility spend.  With the assistance of CEMCS, we are gaining information on Building Automation System (BAS) operation for over 188,000 trend points in 130 buildings. Our conclusions about the data CEMCS has collected could benefit the knowledge pool of the NASFA members.  We would like to share not only some of our success stories but also our struggles, and engage the audience in a discussion on how to overcome obstacles such as deferred maintenance and the engagement of facilities staff.
Andrew Carter, Energy Management Program Manager, Facility Efficiency, Kentucky Facilities and Support Services
Scott Baker, Energy Manager, Facility Efficiency, Kentucky Facilities and Support Services


Concurrent Session

Alternative Workplace Solutions (AWS)
AWS allows State employees to work how and where they will best perform their duties, whether they are assigned to an office, mobile across the State, or even working from home.  Tennessee is modernizing our work space to an open and flexible environment that improves employee efficiency and job satisfaction, while reducing real estate costs by eliminating vacant space and optimizing the size of work spaces.  Since implementation began in 2016, Tennessee has reduced its occupied space by approximately 350,000 sq. ft. moving towards large scale elimination.
John Hull, Deputy Commissioner, Tennessee Department of General Services
Jen Murphy, Executive Director of Strategy and Workplace Planning, Real Estate Asset Management (STREAM), Tennessee Department of General Services
Kevin Powell, Director of Facilities Management, Real Estate Asset Management (STREAM), Tennessee Department of General Services

Project Management Tools for Success
Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently acquired Facilities Asset Management Information System (FAMIS).  This tool will help standardization of all facilities management business processes to optimize assets and resources to achieve business goals and eliminating redundant and manual tasks with automated solutions.  It has the ability to measure operational performance and increase customer service levels by developing key performance metrics and instituting facilities management standards.  We hope to see an increase in operational efficiency, empower continuous improvement and implement thorough standardized best practices for facilities management, maintenance management, capital project management and space utilization management.
Diana Miller, Facilities Business Operations Manager, Support Services Division, Texas Department of Transportation
John Garay, Director of Product Marketing, Accruent

Exhibitors Reception
Dinner on your own

Networking Suite
All attendees and guests are welcome to network in the suite.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Exhibits Open

Breakfast in Expo

General Session

Accurately Measuring Deferred Maintenance in the States
State-owned capital assets across the U.S. have been deteriorating for decades due to insufficient investment, putting both public safety and economic development at risk. This presentation focuses on the accurate measurement of statewide deferred maintenance needs as a fundamental first step in resolving this infrastructure challenge. Pew has found that many states view collecting reliable data, developing standard definitions, and centralizing responsibility as practices that facilitate measurement.
Alexandria Zhang, Senior Research Associate, The Pew Charitable Trusts


Concurrent Sessions

The Small Projects Team Initiative in Massachusetts
In September 2016 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts formed a Small Projects Team, responsible for completion of deferred maintenance projects statewide with a value under $10 million.  The Small Projects Team is completing architectural study and design, procurement, construction and closeout in half the time previously required.  This is how they did it.
John Keleher, Director, Small Projects Team, Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance

Corporate Affiliate Members & Private Sector Representatives Meet with NASFA Executive Committee
Exhibitors, private sector representatives and Corporate Affiliate members are invited to meet members of the executive committee to discuss the resource expo, membership benefits and future meetings. This meeting supplies the association and the private sector representatives with a magnificent exchange of recommendations and information.

Architecture & Engineering
This is an interactive forum to discuss topics of interest to the attendees. Questions and hot topic issues will be collected prior to the conference and then discussed in a facilitated roundtable format.

NASFA Business Meeting

Expo & Luncheon

Exhibits Tear Down

1:00pm- 2:00pm
Concurrent Sessions

Make It Real: Enhanced Design Experience with BIM & Virtual Reality
Often, end users are inexperienced in the design process, including the “reality” as depicted in 2-D drawings.  3-D renderings of critical space components can be used effectively to provide them with understandable design information.  However, having the ability to immerse them into the space via 3-D Virtual Reality (VR), where they can both “explore” and “change” the space, is an invaluable and effective tool.  The efficacy of this VR tool will be explored and demonstrated.
James Hutchison, President, StudioJAED Architects & Engineers
Gabe Cheung, Architectural Project Manager, StudioJAED Architects & Engineers
Mark DeVore, Chief of Engineering and Operations, Delaware Division of Facilities Management

Operations & Maintenance Roundtable
This is an interactive forum to discuss topics of interest to the attendees. Questions and hot topic issues will be collected prior to the conference and then discussed in a facilitated roundtable format.

2:00pm- 2:15pm

2:15pm- 3:15pm
Concurrent Sessions

Regional Meetings
East Region
Great Plains Region
Southeast Region
West Region

3:15pm- 3:30pm

3:30pm- 4:30pm
Concurrent Sessions

Unlocking the Potential of Government Real Estate
Current budget pressures should compel governments to manage their real property portfolios with an eye towards unlocking the underlying value.  This session will examine how states can harness the commercial potential of their real estate by focusing not on just on use, but highest and best use.  The discussion will showcase how governments at all levels have capitalized on the underlying value of their real property assets while continuing to support agency mission requirements.
Wendy Scott-Napier, Assistant Secretary, Office of Real Estate, Maryland Department of General Services (Invited)
Seth Wallace, Assistant Director, Real Estate Services, Washington Department of Enterprise Services
Norman Dong, Managing Director, FD Stonewater

Pillars of a Successful JOC Program
As Job Order Contracting continues to expand and evolve beyond its original conception by the Corps of Engineers back in the 1980’s some users have inserted ideas and specifications that restrict its flexibility and diminish the benefits as envisioned by the COE.  Consequently, some users have become disenchanted with the tool and stopped using it or decide not to try it. This presentation takes a look at the basics of what it takes to make a JOC program successful for the owner, end user and contractor.
Rick Farrag, Vice President, On -Call Construction, Brown & Root Industrial Services LLC
Mike Coberley, Executive Director, On-Call Construction, Brown & Root Industrial Services LLC
Public Sector Representative, To Be Announced

Time to be determined
Awards Banquet

Following the banquet
Networking Suite
All attendees and guests are welcome to network in the suite.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

7:30am- 11:00am
Information Desk


General Roundtable Discussion & Closing Session
This is the opportunity to discuss those topics that may not have been discussed earlier in the conference.

Tentative Tour of the New Mexico State Capitol
This is an optional post conference activity.  More information will be posted online and announced electronically.

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